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Client: GE Tip
Skill: CAD/3d visual design, manufacture, installation ,project management and logistics
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GE Tip had traditionally always had a 40ft curtain sider trailer on their stand space but they wanted to promote all the other services they offered not just Trailer/Tanker hire etc.
The stand also had to be adaptable so it could be used to fit varies different stand spaces throughout Europe.


The stand was designed in a modular form to include informal seating areas, a more private seating area, an interactive area where visitors could see all the different services GE Tip had to offer and the STAR of the stand the Bar which was designed and constructed to represent a 40 ft trailer which was a great talking point between the Tip staff and visitors to the stand.


GE Tip was able to get their message over to clients about their wide range of other services.
The stand went out to many different European countries all in different sizes so the modular design and construction worked perfectly.
And they still had a 40 ft trailer on the stand !!!!!!!