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Client: Minor Planets
Skill: CAD/3d visual design, manufacture, installation ,project management and logistics


To launch Minor Planets new vehicle tracking systems.


We created 4 off main visual display area’s that explained to visitors all the different aspects of the new tracking systems. For this we used a mixture of text graphics, photography and audio visual equipment.
The stand had a raised area situated to the rear of the stand with a private meeting area and bar/reception desk.
We produced a large format road map which we printed using specialist floor vinyl to allow visitors to walk on. We also constructed 2 off large model mobile phones to show that the tracking system could be controlled using a mobile phone.
The final special item was to show the system in action so we built a model of a vehicle cab complete with steering wheel and racing seats. The tracking system was fitted into the cab above which we installed a scale model of a satellite using wires to suspend it above the stand. From the satellite to the front right display unit we ran tracing led lights to represent the signal being sent from the vehicle to the office.


Minor Planets had a great response to the new system and created many good quality leads.